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Athlete Of The Week!

Meet Jeremy, our Athlete Of The Week!

Jeremy shared a bit with us about his three favorite ways to stay active!

Running: I have a love/hate relationship with running. My first 3 half-marathons I finished feeling pretty miserable afterward and training for these events is also quite the drag. Despite this, I really enjoy the positive spirit of the running community as a whole and the feeling of accomplishment can be satisfying. Most of all I have found that running is a great tool for accessing how my back and hip health is doing. This helps me to make important adjustments in my routine to prevent problems that can affect performance in my physically demanding construction job and day-to-day well-being.

Backpacking: My first hike was August of 2016; we started from Timberline Lodge and followed the Timberline Trail circling around Mt. Hood. I can only describe my feeling as euphoric 4 days later when we again approached the lodge at the end of our journey. Since then we have done a couple others which have also been a blast full of great sites and experiences. This year our trip will be around the 3 Sisters in Oregon. These trips are a definite highlight each year.

Snowboarding: Nothing gets the blood flowing more or brings the mind to fuller attention than a nighttime tree run at our very own Mt. Hood Meadows Ski resort. Snowboarding alone makes all that winter rainy weather totally acceptable in my eyes.

In the past, I felt like a victim of my declining back health. Both Chiropractic and massage have played a key role in changing that grim outlook. Some visits have been like maintenance or just a check-up to keep things moving correctly. Others have been to correct a specific pain or discomfort. The greatest value for me, though, has been the education and motivation I have received over the years to make wise decisions in how I personally care for my back health in between those visits. Over time, I’ve adjusted my lifestyle to be more active outside of work. My goal now is to continue to challenge myself and strive to improve my situation.