Center for Health & Wellness

Summer Maintenance Care

After a long wet winter, summer is finally just around the corner… or at least we hope it is. As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, we tend to get busier and pack our days with adventure from sun up to sun down. Whether it be water sports, golfing, hiking, fishing, a tropical vacation, a wedding, a cook-out, or just continued yard maintenance, maintaining proper skeletal alignment can help prevent injury and allow you to move your best all summer long. After being sedentary for the past 8 months, our muscles can’t adapt quickly enough to this rapid increase in activity and they become tight and imbalanced, altering our biomechanics which leads to joints becoming irritated, restricted, and inflamed, and this is when injury occurs.

A maintenance care plan can be done bi-weekly or even monthly and will take no more than 15 minutes out of your busy, hot summer day. After a quick assessment your doctor will be able to identify a potential problem area, even before symptoms arise, as pain tends to be the last thing to show up yet the first to leave. Some simple muscle work, an adjustment, home care advice and potentially some k-tape can all be covered in that time slot and may be the difference between you and a pain free summer. Call today and get your appointments in the books so that you can move your best all summer long!