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Kinesiology Tape

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Rock tape, Kinesiotape, and various other brands of elastic therapeutic tape (kinesiology tape or K-tape) are some of the hottest topics and one of the newest trends for treating/preventing sports injuries. Unlike traditional white athletic tape which is stiff and bulky and restricts range of motion therefore hindering athletic performance, ktape is made of elastic cotton that stretches anywhere between 130%-180% of it’s original length, varying between brands. This elasticity allows the patient/athlete to continue to move through normal ranges of motion without altering the biomechanics of their movements. The tape is latex free and it’s heat-activated acrylic adhesive allows it to stay on for up to 5 days, even through showers and swimming! It works by lifting up the skin and decreasing the pressure on blood vessels and nerve endings, improving blood flow and promoting tissue repair. It also improves muscle function by promoting the brains awareness of the muscles and joints and where they are in space. All of the chiropractors at Cooper Chiropractic are trained and certified in basic kinesiology taping and functional movement taping.