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Vancouver WA Car Accident – Help and Answers!

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident, but, if you do, there’s some really important things you must know.

“I have many years under my belt of helping thousands of people that have had this unfortunate experience get their health and lives back on track and if you’re reading this, you’ll be ready if it happens to you.  (I hope not!) – Dr. Cooper

So, let’s begin!

Don’t be misled by the minimal damage to your car. People react much differently than glass, plastic and metal!

There are some important things you should know if you have been in a Vancouver WA car accident or anywhere, for that matter…

50% of automobile accident victims sustain injuries to the low back, and of these, 15% develop serious nerve damage.
~Hirsch, M.D., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery, UMDNJ in Orthopedic Clinic of NA Oct. 1998.
Additional symptoms may include: Stiff or painful Neck, Loss of Neck Motion, Back Pain, Numbness/Tingling in Limbs, Dizziness/Loss of Balance, Muscle Spasm/Swelling, Ringing in Ears, Early Arthritis, Bursitis, Neuritis, Tendonitis, Nervous Anxiety, Double Vision, Night Blindness, Painful Joints, Nausea, Irritability and Headaches, just to name a few!

What Causes Whiplash Injuries?

Whiplash injury occurs when the head and neck are thrown quickly in one direction and rebound in the opposite direction. Because the second snapping motion happens faster than the spinal structures can recover, muscles, ligaments and bones in the neck are damaged. This injury can also occur in hard slips/falls and diving accidents. (Scientific Monograph of the Quebec Task Force on Whiplash Acceleration-Deceleration Disorders: Redefining Whiplash and its Management. Spitzer, WO, Skovron, MI et al (1995). Spine 20:85.)


Studies also indicate that injury can occur at impact speeds of only 3 mph, where there is little to no visible damage to the car. In these accidents, up to 2.5 times more force than the car itself is received. State of the Art Reviews: Cervical Flexion-Extension Whiplash Injuries, Hanley and Belfus, Barnsley, Spine. Sept. 1993, p. 329.

Tell Tale Signs of Injury…

Often severe whiplash can be detected immediately. However, it may take hours, weeks, or even years before symptoms are noticed. This is due in part to the bleeding and formation of scar tissue that occurs in the deep soft tissue surrounding the injured area.

In some cases, whiplash pain appears at the time of injury and decreases over time. Later, severe symptoms can occur when excessive stress is placed on the spine, signaling an untreated whiplash injury.


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Dr. Cooper has extensive experience in automobile accident soft tissue injuries and all the paper work associated with your case.dr_matthew_cooper

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In addition to caring for your injuries, we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your injuries sustained as a result of an automobile accident in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas and will provide your insurance company and/or attorney with full documentation of our findings.
Our goal is to relieve and restore as much function as possible so that you can enjoy life again!

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