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Benefits of the Webster Technique during Pregnancy

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is not only safe but highly recommended to alleviate and support all the demands put on the mother’s body. Our bodies are not only under physical stress from our expanding bellies, but also hormonal stress in preparation for the birthing process. Chiropractors evaluate and correct spinal, pelvic, and cranial misalignments that can create imbalances throughout the body. These imbalances stress the body and produce aches, pain, and dysfunction. The nervous system is stressed as well when the body is out of balance and disrupts the body’s ability to function properly. What better time to have our bodies in balance and functioning at their best when growing another human being? All with a gentle, non-invasive, and drug-free approach!


The Webster Technique evaluates the sacrum and the pelvis for proper alignment and function. With a gentle chiropractic adjustment these misalignments can be corrected to restore balance to the pelvis, sacrum, and essentially the whole spine. If the pelvis is unbalanced, the rest of the spine has to compensate and essentially becomes unbalanced as well. When the sacrum/pelvis are misaligned it can cause dystocia (difficult labor) by having the structure compromised. This change in structure of the whole pelvic bowl (sacrum, pelvis, and incorporated muscles/ligaments) and associated muscles and ligaments of the uterus does not allow the baby to assume the proper head down position for an easier birth.


There have been documented cases in chiropractic and obstetric literature of pregnant mothers with a baby in the breech position who sought chiropractic care and received the Webster Technique that had a positive outcome in the position of their baby to head down. There is still research underway by the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) to further substantiate this. breechedchart

Even if the baby is not in a breech position, the mother can still benefit from the Webster Technique to ease discomfort during pregnancy and labor. The growing baby will also benefit by relieving some of the stress and pressure placed upon them by a restricted uterus. This can affect their growing spine and developing nervous system at a time when they are most vulnerable. Why not give our developing babies every advantage during this time?


Dr. Karis and Dr. Cassi both enjoy treating pregnant mothers and their families. Please call our office for an appointment or any questions at 360-693-3030.