Back to School Attack of the Backpack

The start of the school year is right around the corner and summer will be coming to an end. With this many of us have already started our back to school shopping and taking advantage of the sales. There is one item that I highly recommend not skimping on: your child’s backpack. Yes, sometimes they.. read more →

To Foam Roll or Not to Foam Roll

Foam rolling: is it hype, a fad, beneficial or just plain painful? Let’s explore what foam rolling is first, then we will discuss the when and why. Foam rolling is a myofascial release technique that uses pressure to reduce and release scar-tissue build up and adhesions in your fascia. This frees up your muscles to.. read more →

Summer Maintenance Care

After a long wet winter, summer is finally just around the corner… or at least we hope it is. As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, we tend to get busier and pack our days with adventure from sun up to sun down. Whether it be water sports, golfing, hiking, fishing, a.. read more →

Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Do you have an area of nagging aches and pains that hasn’t resolved despite numerous trials of manual/physical therapy? Drugs will likely only mask the issue at hand and surgeries should be saved as a last resort option. Our Class IV Deep Tissue Laser from Lightforce can help resolve issues such as sprains, strains, tendonitis,.. read more →

Springing into Yard Work Pain Free

As the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer, yard maintenance becomes a popular trend as do the aches and pains that come with it. Picking weeds, raking, shoveling, and mowing the lawn can all cause strain on the upper and lower back if they are not performed properly. It is really important to.. read more →

Kinesiology Tape

Rock tape, Kinesiotape, and various other brands of elastic therapeutic tape (kinesiology tape or K-tape) are some of the hottest topics and one of the newest trends for treating/preventing sports injuries. Unlike traditional white athletic tape which is stiff and bulky and restricts range of motion therefore hindering athletic performance, k–tape is made of elastic.. read more →

Immune boosting Tips from your RDN

It’s that time of year…the cold/flu season! Viruses are going around like crazy. Kids are missing school for weeks at a time…If you’re like me, you already take the basic precautions (think copious amount of handwashing, eating well balanced meals and lots of talk with the little ones about sneezing into a tissue, or more.. read more →

The magic of MAGNESIUM

  Magnesium is something I’ve been researching a lot lately, much thanks to the seemingly chronic issues that plague so many individuals regarding sleep issues and low energy levels. When recommending natural alternatives to improve sleep and potential causes for fatigue, magnesium is definitely a topic worth talking about!     This mineral is responsible for over 300.. read more →

Chiropractic for Pets?

Absolutely! Much like Chiropractic care for humans, your pets can benefit from Chiropractic adjustments to keep them healthy and well throughout their life. Pet owners often report seeing increased energy, reduced pain or wagging tails after just a few treatments.  Whether your pet is athletic or geriatric, chiropractic care may help to reduce pain and.. read more →

How Chiropractic Can Relieve Your Sinus Problems

With cold and flu season still upon us and allergy season just starting, many people are suffering from sinus pain and congestion that can also result in ear pain, achy teeth and drainage at the back of your throat. Did you know there is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to relieving your sinuses that is also.. read more →